Adams, Greg
East Bay Soul, 2009 (ST)
East Bay Soul 2.0, 2012 (ST)

Al B. Sure!
Honey I'm Home, 2009 (ST)

Aquilera, Christina
Bionic, 2010 (ST)

Armstrong, Vanessa Bell
The Experience, 2009 (ST)

Avery, Theodross
The Diva's Choice, 2009 (ST)

I Am Yours..., 2010 (ST)

Carey, Mariah
Merry Christmas II You, 2010 (ST)

Here My Love, 2009 (ST)

Chestnut Brothers
RetroSoul, 2009 (ST)

The Winner in Me (ST)

Collins, Phil
Going Back, 2010 (ST)

Clark Sisters
A Clark Family Christmas, 2009 (ST)

DeBarge, El
Second Chance, 2010 (ST)

Deodato, Eumir
The Cross, 2010 (ST)

Derülo, Jason
Jason Derülo, 2010 (ST)

Thank Me Later, 2010 (ST)

Endlessly, 2011 (ST)

FL Jones
Becoming Myself, 2009 (ST)

Franklin, Kirk
Hello Fear, 2011 (ST)

Fortune. James & FIYA
The Transformation, 2009 (ST)
The Encore, 2010 (ST)

Genazzano, Gemma
Si Me Quieres (If You Love Me), 2009 (ST)

Glad Sam & His Combo
The Paradise Groove, 2009 (ST)

Green, Cee Lo
The Lady Killer, 2010 (ST)

Groove Kings
Blood Red, 2009 (ST)

Hawthorne, Mayer
How Do You Do, 2011 (ST)

Hammond, Fred
Love Unstoppable, 2009 (ST)

Haynes, Warren
Man in Motion, 2011 (ST)

Hill, Toni
Only Love, 2009

Hilson, Keri
No Boys Allowed, 2011 (ST)

Houston, Marques
Mr. Houston, 2009 (ST)

Hudson, Jennifer
I Remember Me, 2011 (ST)

Izibor, Laura
Let The Truth Be Told, 2009 (ST)

Jones, Booker T.
Potato Hole, 2009 (ST)
The Road From Memphis, 2011 (ST)

J Moss
Just James, 2009 (ST)

Jones, Sharon & the Dap-Kings
Soul Time!, 2011 (ST)

Kelly, R.
Untitled, 2009 (ST)
Love Letter, 2011 (ST)

Lee, Amos
As The Crow Flies, 2011 (ST)

Leoncè, Russell
Culture of Love, 2009 (ST)

Lewis, Huey & the News
Soulsville, 2010 (ST)

Mars, Bruno
Doo-Wops & Hooligans, 2010 (ST)

Mighty Clouds of Joy
At the Revival, 2010 (ST)

Monáe, Janelle
The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III), 2010 (ST)

Morton. PJ
Following My First Mind, 2012 (ST)

Muldaur, Jenni
Dearest Darlin', 2009 (ST)

Libra Scale, 2010 (ST)

Norful, Smokie
Live, 2009 (ST)

Original 7ven
Condensate, 2011 (ST)

Peñala, Sway
My Story, 2010 (ST)

Pitt, Eugeue
Steppin' Out in Front, 2009 (ST)

RJ Ross
Face to Face, 2009 (ST)

Redding, Otis
Live on the Sunset Strip, (2010)

Rated R, 2009 (ST)
Talk That Talk, 2011 (ST)

Roberson, James
Everybody Dance, 2009 (ST)

Roots, The
How I Got Over, 2010 (ST)

Rovira, Yvette
Yvette Rovira, 2009

Rowland, Kelly
Here I Am, 2011 (ST)

Saadiq, Raphael
Stone Rollin', 2011 (ST)

Sapp, Marvin
Here I Am, 2010 (ST)

Sarah's Girl
All About Me, 2011 (ST)

Soul Basement
These Days, 2010 (ST)

If The Rains Come First, 2009 (ST)

State Cows
State Cows, 2010 (ST)

Staton, Candi
Who's Hurting Now?, 2009 (ST)

Stone, Joss
LP1, 2010 (ST)

The Prelude, 2010 (ST)

The Right Now
Carry Me Home, 2010

Thicke, Robin
Sex Thearpy, 2010

Trey Songz
Ready, 2009 (ST)
Passion, Pain and Pleasure, 2010 (ST)

Raymond v Raymond, 2010 (ST)

Various Artists
Playing for Change, 2009 (ST)
Ultimate Motown Christmas Collection, 2009 (ST)

White, Stephanie & the New Jersey Philth Harmonic
This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things (2009)

Wright, Betty & the Roots
The Movie, 2010 (ST)

Timeline, 2011 (ST)

Yohe, Vicki
Reveal Your Glory, 2009 (ST)






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