Need a recap of 2012's big hits?


PSY brought his Korean pop show to America; Carly Rae Jepsen steamrolled the disco express; Taylor Swift retained her golden pop crown; Maroon 5 got poppier; the Lumineers kept the Mumford & Sons sound in the limelight; Frank Ocean and Miguel reinterpreted R&B once more; hard rock from Green Day, Springsteen, Van Halen and even the Rolling Stones led us through a shaky election year.

As good as all that sounds, it's probably best that you check out HIFI's Top 45 Singles of 2012. We pretty much cover all the bases, from pop to rock, from indie to hip-hop. You know the drill.

Be sure to take advantage of the player next to each listing to get into the groove.

So without further ado, we give you HIFI's Top Singles of 2012, from number45 to number one.

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Karmin's boogie tune sounds like the dance-pop hit that got away from Jessie J. Thanks to the sugary rap skills of Amy Heidemann, the tune transforms into a Katy Perry/Spice Girls amalgam. » J MATTHEW COBB

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and JAY-Z
(GOOD/Def Jam)

“Clique” expanded upon momentum established by Kanye West and G.O.O.D. Music's inescapable summer track, “Mercy.” Sporting solid minimalistic production work from Hit-Boy and a simple, though addictive hook by Detroit's Big Sean, “Clique” instantly connects with the listener. Big Sean, Kanye West and Jay-Z all deliver capable, compelling verses which play into their respective sensibilities. » BRENT FAULKNER

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"Scream & Shout" and BRITNEY SPEARS

“When you hear this in the club/You're gonna turn this shit up,” Britney Spears raps, as if she's been possessed by a Neo-Burlesque Madonna. She didn't lie. designs a clever bad-ass piece of electropop that adds more time on the clock of relevance for the Black Eyed Peas' producer. He owns the track, only giving Spears the spotlight on the opener, the chorus and the cocky tag, where she mutters out “it's Britney, bitch.” » JMC

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Following her success with last year's album, 21, Adele was invited to lend her voice to the next James Bond film, Skyfall. The Bond franchise has a long history of strong female vocals, including repeat contributions by Shirley Bassey. Adele was a perfect addition to that list, bringing her rich tone along for the ride. The song has a sense of finality to it, inspiring chills with or without the movie itself. » THOMAS LITTLE

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(EMI Nashville)

A sweet mesh of heartland rock and Keith Urban country-pop brings out the best in Eric Church's ode to the Boss. The song talks about “Born to Run,” “Fire” and “Born in the USA,” but details the precious memories of a young crush: “ Somewhere between that setting sun, ‘I'm On Fire' and ‘Born to Run'/You looked at me and I was done, we were just getting started.” » JMC

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